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Streamline Your Beauty Routine

Streamline Your Beauty Routine


With life comes stress – and that’s not good for your skin. This year is all about showing yourself some love, getting back to basics and streamlining daily routines, including skincare. Simplifying your skincare regimen makes it easier to focus in on which products to use, how to use them, and when. 

Edit it down

We’re not telling you to Marie-Kondo your makeup collection, but paring down your daily regimen certainly won’t hurt. Using too many products, especially ones that are not designed to work together, can cause skin irritation and a level of complication that’s just not worth your time. A single skincare routine, with products designed to work together  seamlessly can result in flawless, radiant skin – in half the time!

Reduce chemicals and toxins

Whether it’s choosing a gentle cleanser or nutrient-rich moisturizer, simplified beauty is trending toward luxuriously clean, nourishing and effective products with no toxins. Many drugstore formulations use inexpensive ingredients, synthetic preservatives, and low percentages of actives that don’t offer any true benefits. In fact, the chemical irritants and toxins found in many low-quality skincare products can actually trigger inflammation, increase skin sensitivity and accelerate visible signs of aging.

But embracing toxin-free skincare doesn’t mean sacrificing results. Safe and simplified skincare begins with clean products that are free from irritating chemical preservatives and additives. Irritated and inflamed skin ultimately means more work and expense for you – and can actually contribute to aging. Much like a diet of good-quality food helps you age better, using pure, high-quality skincare helps skin appear more radiant and beautiful.

Wash the day away

Regular cleansing is essential to achieving skin that looks--and feels--healthy. Here is your number one healthy beauty tip: Cleanse your face and remove your makeup every night! Cleansing your face thoroughly will remove more than just makeup. It also gets rid of dirt, pollution and other environmental contaminants that end up on your skin at the end of each day. Whether you choose a micellar cleansing water as the first step in cleaning and protecting your skin or a deeply hydrating cleansing emulsion, when we say wash your face, we mean it. Your skin will never love you more.

 A streamlined approach to skincare is all about using high-quality, non-toxic beauty products that are designed to work together to create beautiful skin. Enjoy a simple beauty routine that won’t clog your pores or clutter your bathroom counters!

By Noelle Graf