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Spa at Home with our Signature Masks

Spa at Home with our Signature Masks

Right now, when making an appointment at your favorite spa may not be an option, face treatment masks are an excellent way to bring the wellness properties of the spa home.     



A sleep mask is a type of treatment that is left on the skin overnight. These differ from traditional masks and sheet masks, as traditional masks must be rinsed off, and sheet masks are removed after a specific time.

What do Sleep Masks do? 

Sleeping masks consistency is thick but non-comedogenic, meaning they let the skin breathe without clogging the pores, and they won't leave any additional residue on your pillowcase. 

You want to incorporate sleep masks as the last step in your evening routine. Leaving the mask on overnight allows the ingredients more time to work on the skin. You'll be amazed to see how healthy and hydrated skin is by morning!

Who should use a Sleep Mask? 

Sleep masks are a great way to amp up your skincare routine. Almost everyone can use a sleep mask to get better looking, healthier skin.  Sleep masks can be beneficial during season shifts when the skin is craving more moisture and battling dullness.

TRY: Luzern Nuit Hydra Enzyme Masque


  1. Boost the benefits of your sleep mask.  Apply a few drops of V15 Serum Absolut underneath your sleeping mask to seal in the benefits.
  2. Don't forget the Nuit Eye Masque to protect the delicate eye area before the application of the Nuit Hydra Enzyme Masque
  3. If your skin is very dry, don't be afraid to use a thick layer of mask. It will all sink in by morning, leaving your skin ultra-soft and absolutely glowing.



The signature quality of gel masks is their soothing and cooling effect. Once applied to the skin, its impact can be felt instantly.

What Gel Masks Do

The main benefit of gel masks is that they provide hydration to thirsty skin cells.  They also have a natural calming effect that's great for soothing redness and sensitivity.

Gel masks are especially beneficial when the skin is overheated, like post-workout or post-sun. They can also benefit skin during cooler winter months when dry heat and pull-out moisture and are ideal post wind |apres-ski

Who Should Use Gel Masks?

Everyone can benefit from a gel mask, and they are compatible with any skin type.

TRY: Alpine Rose Resilience Masque


  1. Be sure to exfoliate before application of your gel mask. Try Au Vin Exfoliating Pads or Micro Exfoliant.
  2. Store Alpine Rose Resilience Gel Masque in the refrigerator for the extra cooling effect to reduce redness or puffiness.


Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are made out of various fabrics such as non-woven fibers, bio-cellulose, or rayon.  The fibers are saturated with specific solutions that address a host of skin concerns.  

What Sheet Masks Do

Luzern Sheet masks are made from Bio-cellulose material.  Bio Cellulose is a super-thin, natural fiber initially developed as an artificial skin to treat severe burns and wounds. This amazing material acts like a second, breathable skin, contouring perfectly to its surface and almost eliminating evaporation, creating the ultimate delivery system.

Anti-aging actives and moisture are dispersed and allowed to penetrate deeply into the skin, giving the best and most intensive results

Who should use a Sheet Masque:

Sheet masks have become a staple skincare item in every beauty cabinet for a good reason, thanks to their benefits for your skin and overall ease of use.

TRY: Luzern Bio-Cellulose Sculpting Masque


  1. Sheet masques work better on damp skin.  Be sure to apply Luzern Hydrating Toning Essence and follow with your choice of Serum Absolut. 
  2. Rinsing after a sheet mask is not necessary. For extra penetration, you can massage any remaining serum into the skin and follow with Serum Absolut Oil and Moisturizer.