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Serums vs. Moisturizers

Serums vs. Moisturizers

Hydration is key in an effective skincare ritual. Between serums and moisturizers, do you know when and why to use one or the other?

We’re huge advocates for both, but they each have a place and purpose in your daily routine. Think you’re a skincare pro? Test your hydration knowledge with us:



If you are confused by face serums, you are not alone. Many may think: If I am using a moisturizer, what's the need for a serum?

What: Serums are highly concentrated treatments containing a mix of potent and active ingredients that powerfully target various skin conditions and concerns. 

Why Use: Serums are formulated for targeting specific skincare concerns and act as a support system for your moisturizer.

When to use: Cleanse your face thoroughly, making sure to remove all traces of make-up. Serums should be applied on thoroughly cleansed and prepped skin.  It is best to apply serums to damp skin and follow with your moisturizer   

How to use: Serums are lightweight formulas and designed to absorb quickly, so always apply lightly and rapidly but with sweeping, pressing, and tapping movements. These motions will increase blood supply to the skin's upper levels and allow the serum to penetrate faster. 





    While everyone should moisturize, not every moisturizing regimen is created equal. 

    What: Moisturizers are thicker and creamier than serums. They add moisture to the stratum corneum, and they form a thin barrier intended to retain that moisture.

    Why Use: Moisturizers are designed to protect, hydrate, and prevent water loss. Moisturizers typically have added antioxidant ingredients, so they do double duty for your skin.

    When to use:  Moisturizes should be morning and evening.  Moisturizers are applied after the application of your serum.  

    How to use:  Start with a pea-sized amount into the pads of your fingers. Common mistake: using too much product. Remove Crème from Jar with the spatula – do not dip your hands in the crème.  Evenly, disperse the cream on your entire face. Using gentle upward, circular movements, lightly massage the moisturizer into your face. Do not pull or tug your skin!


      Serums + Moisturizers

      How to use both in your routine:

      Since serums contain the active ingredients you want to penetrate your skin as deeply as possible, you should always apply your serum directly to your skin after cleansing or toning and before your moisturizer and sunscreen.