From our precious actives sourced at high-altitudes in Switzerland, to formulas mixed in small, cold temperature batches, our signature icons, found on every Luzern product, speak to our commitment to produce the most luxuriously pure, highly-effective skincare.

Chemical irritants and toxins found in much of today’s skin care can trigger inflammation that increases skin sensitivity and even accelerate the visible signs of aging. This inflammatory response stresses the skin’s natural repair process, damages its protective barrier and breaks down collagen hastening the appearance of lines and wrinkles and, ironically, undermining the very function of anti-aging skin care - to slow visible aging of the skin. 

As a pioneer in clean skin care, Luzern set out to change all this; formulating products without toxins, irritants and unnecessary additives yet still deliver exceptionally high levels of beneficial active ingredients. One of the primary reasons our products get such excellent results is the effort we take to eliminate these damaging chemicals. In much the same way that a healthy diet leads to a healthier, more beautiful body, a daily regimen of Luzern products leads to a healthier, more beautiful complexion.

Luzern is the ideal skin care choice for those who want clean skin care but don't want to sacrifice efficacy or luxury. 




Guided by the principles of biodiversity, sustainability and fair trade, organic cultivation of Swiss Alpine plants protects natural sites against wild harvesting, helping to preserve the biodiversity of Alpine flora as well as ensuring a sustainable supply of botanically-derived actives of the highest quality. Additionally, organic cultivation further guarantees the protection of soil and groundwater against chemical pollution and helps support rural communities of Swiss mountain farmers who grow our plants

Organic Farming


We pride ourselves as much on respect for ecological values as producing results-driven products. From our use of low-impact, eco-friendly glass and aluminum bottles to our retail boxes sourced from sustainably managed forests (Forest Stewardship Council certified), environmental sustainability and a green philosophy are guiding principles in the development of all Luzern products. To ensure these values are incorporated into every aspect of our skin care, Luzern sources ingredients and packaging materials certified for their respect of people and our planet. We believe that high-performance, quality, and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive, but work synergistically to create the finest skincare in the world.


Luzern carefully calibrates the preservative system in each formula using a combination of non-toxic ingredients that provide protection against contamination yet contain none of the biocides or fungicides used in most skin care products.  

All our preservative ingredients are suitable for vegans. They are not tested on animals and are approved by NATRUE and the Soil Association, and adhere to COSMOS standards.

Bio-Suisse Certified Organic Actives

Located in the pristine Swiss canton of Valais, small agricultural cooperatives focus on the organic cultivation of rare alpine plants. Growing at high altitudes in extreme temperatures the plants produce exceptionally high levels of nutrients necessary to survive these harsh conditions. Our Bio-Suisse actives are extracted from these uniquely powerful plants in Swiss Alpine water using low-temperature vacuum distillation to protect the sensitive materials and standardized in polyphenol and antioxidant content to ensure the anti-aging efficacy of very Luzern product.

Biosuisse Organic Activities
Clean Beauty


Getting rid of parabens is just the beginning of formulating clean. Luzern products are free from the irritating and toxic additives listed below that can cause skin inflammation and contribute to early signs of aging.

• Parabens
• Phthalates
• Benzoyl Peroxide
• Sulfates
• Propylene Glycol/PEGs
• Mineral Oils/ Petrolatum/ Denatured Alcohol
• Synthetic Colors, Dyes, and Fragrances
• Formaldehyde/Formaldehyde Releasing Ingredients
• Triclosan
• Hydroquinone
• Chemical Sunscreens

Standardized Cosmeceutical Actives

Our ingredients are chosen for their ability to safely and effectively transform the condition of skin. Luzern standardizes ingredient to ensure the same amount of actives per production batch. These powerful actives work to expertly repair, detoxify hydrate and balance your skin. Examples of age-defying actives we use are:

• Fermentation
• Plant Stem Cells
• Polyphenols and Antioxidants
• Probiotics
• AHA and Salysilic Acid
• Natural Moisture Factors

Standardized Cosmeceutical Actives
Small Batch Cold Formulated

Small Batch | Cold Formulated

Luzern products are mixed in small batches at low temperatures. This process minimizes heat damage to vital actives and ensures that every ingredient is fresh and at its optimal potency. This approach is central to producing formulas that deliver exceptional visible results.


Rich in alpine minerals, Swiss Alpine Water is used in our products to hydrate and soothe skin. In the heart of the Valais Alps, in a magnificent surrounding of untouched snowy mountains and glaciers that reach an altitude of more than 4000 m, the water begins its journey. During this journey, it is filtered and naturally enriched with minerals and trace elements as it seeps slowly through layers of rock and stone hundreds of meters deep. Many years later the filtered and purified Swiss Alpine Water flows out of the ground under natural pressure into artesian wells. Rich in vital minerals and untouched by human influence, this pure water is collected and used in the low-temperature extraction process of the Bio-Suisse organic extracts. The final result is a high-potency cocktail of natural, bioactive nutrients in a base of Swiss Alpine Water.

Swiss Water Processed Actives


Every Luzern product speaks to this commitment to produce the most luxuriously pure, effective skincare.