Your New Specialist is a Serum

Think of every Luzern serum as a high-profile specialist, providing the most effective skincare treatment exactly where you need it. Can you imagine how a complete team of specialists could strengthen your daily routine?

Meet your team: our Serum Absolut Collection offers a full range of 7 high-potency formulas, each with a unique complex of bio-Suisse actives to deeply penetrate the skin on contact for exceptional results with lasting benefits.

We know every day is different when it comes to skin, so flexibility is key - making specialized serums a crucial part of your daily routine. A serum strategy makes optimal skin health achievable, and it’s simple. Start by identifying your short and long term goals, be adaptable with a customized assortment of serums on hand, and yes - go ahead and layer!

Layering Serums
Target Serums, Build Serums, and Oil Serums are the key components of Luzern’s 3-step layering system designed to cover a range of changing skin conditions, improving the health and vitality of the skin. Curious about the best serums for your skin? Check your vitals with our quick guide to discover the Serum Absolut “specialists” that are right for you.

Target Serums

Instant triage for current and ever-changing skincare needs. These are most effective as the first layer in your serum layering regimen, addressing concerns that emerge daily, monthly, or seasonally.

Serum Absolut Rehydrate

Vital for: Dehydrated, devitalized skin

Visible Results: Soft, plumped skin and long-lasting hydration
Treatment Complex: Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and panthenol rebalance hydration levels and prevent moisture loss, and Niacinamide and lipids renew and plump dehydrated cells for renewed radiance.

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Serum Absolut WE3

Vital for: Oily, congested skin with blemishes

Visible Results: Skin that looks smoother, fresher, younger.
Treatment Complex: High-performance stem cells and peptides combine with vitamins and hydrators to minimize the appearance of surface imperfections and replenish wrinkle-smoothing hydration.

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Serum Absolut Firming Collagen Booster

Vital for: Loss of elasticity and firmness

Visible Results: A more lifted, sculpted, youthful look
Treatment Complex: Proprietary AlpPure™ Firm blend of orange stem cells, hexapeptide-10 and pullalan promote elasticity and improve density for a sculpted and lifted look.

Firming Collagen Booster - Shop Now

Serum Absolut Luminous

Vital for: Puffy eyes and dark circles

Visible Results: Brighter, radiant, rested looking eyes
Treatment Complex: A cocktail of under-eye specific Peptides, Niacinamide, Beta-Aescine, Biodynes, and Bio-Suisse Extracts applied with a cooling roller-ball applicator to maximize results.

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Build Serums

Primary care to support the strength and structure of the skin. Deep penetrating bio-Suisse actives promote cellular renewal and help maintain elasticity, for firmer, healthier and more resilient skin.

Serum Absolut Recovery

Vital for: Sensitive, reactive skin prone to redness

Visible Results: Reduced redness, calm, radiant skin
Treatment Complex: A proprietary cocktail of soothing actives, naturally-derived Lipids, Beta-aescine, Peptides, Piperonyl Glucose, and Bio-Suisse Extracts that work in tandem.

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Serum Absolut V15

Vital for: Uneven skin tone, lines, and wrinkles

Visible Results: Bright, even skin tone with reduced look of lines and wrinkles.
Treatment Complex: 15% Pure Vitamin C, in combination with multi-vitamins and minerals to maximize the activity of Vitamin C.

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Oil Serums

Treatment optimizers to prime the skin and seal in the benefits of other serums. Skin nourishing, barrier-building actives and moisture-binding ingredients leave skin supple, dewy and glowing. One to two drops creates the perfect oil/water balance for the most luminous skin.

Serum Absolut The Sublime Oil

Vital for: Dehydrated skin with emerging signs of aging

Visible Results: A silky, soft radiance and youthful glow.
Treatment Complex: Organic Jojoba Oil and Squalene penetrates and nourishes to restore radiance, while a proprietary AlpPure™ Protect complex of powerful plant-sourced antioxidants fight against pollutants and UV exposure.

The Sublime Oil - Shop Now

As seasons change, don’t be afraid to change your serum routine. Let our skincare advisors curate the right 3 step layering system for you!

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