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What is Clean Skincare?

What is Clean Skincare?

Navigating the skincare landscape can be a bumpy ride. There are choices for every skin concern you have – even some that you didn’t know you have (as though we don’t have enough to think about). Choosing the right type and brand of skincare is a personal decision, and one size does not fit all. Some people only trust doctor-backed brands, others want only natural or organic ingredients on their skin, and some may fall in the middle or really have no idea what would be the best choice for them. 

The internet can be a double-edged sword when it comes to researching the choices in skincare. There are plenty of sources of unbiased, honest information, and then there is a lot of misinformation out there, too.

One question we hear regularly from consumers trying to educate themselves and make informed decisions is, “What is clean skincare?” Often, people think that ‘clean’ means ‘natural,’ but this is not always the case in skincare. Luzern’s formulations contain mostly natural (and often organic) ingredients sourced from the pristine Valais region of Switzerland, but there are times when we don’t see effective, transformational results with 100% natural ingredients. That’s why we also use cosmeceutical grade actives at high concentrations in our formulas – to get professional results plus the beautiful, luxurious textures that natural ingredients provide. We don’t taint those formulas with chemical or toxic additives that can irritate your skin, and we process with cold temperatures to keep the integrity of the actives intact.

Similar to clean eating, the concept of clean skincare is minimally processed products without harmful additives that can cause inflammation and speed up the aging process of your skin. At Luzern, we know that chemical additives can cause dryness, irritation, and discoloration and ultimately defeat the purpose of anti-aging skincare, which is why we steer clear of them. Full ingredient lists for all products are  found on our website because we have nothing to hide. Let us know what you think…