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The Effects Of Pollution On Our Skin

The Effects Of Pollution On Our Skin

Skin is our outermost barrier, designed to protect us from external elements, but unfortunately it is your largest target for pollution. We are continuously exposed to common pollutants such as smog, dirt, UV rays, ozone, heavy metals, and even blue-light, emitted from smart phones or computer screens. These environmental aggressors create free radicals that deplete oxygen and collagen production, causing aging, sensitivity, inflammation, DNA damage, dehydration and pigmentation. Free radicals break down the fats, or lipids, that bind the skin together, making the barrier function inefficient in keeping out dirt and impurities, and keeping moisture in.

It is common knowledge that prolonged sun exposure can have negative health consequences. UVB rays penetrate and burn the epidermis while UVA rays age the skin causing wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer. But did you know blue-light from smart phones and computer screens penetrate much further into the skin as far as the dermis, where collagen is found, causing aging, pigmentation, and weakening of the skin?

With an estimated 90% of premature aging caused by environmental damage, it is critical, now more than ever, to invest in a skincare regimen to help protect against environmental pollutants. It is vital to use products that help protect and nourish, as well as create a protection barrier.

Setting a new standard for skincare, Luzern has created La Defense Urban Protect, an anti-pollution skin care regimen that minimizes the effects of environmental and technological exposure. This dual-defense system not only shields skin, but also detoxifies, hydrates, and helps to maintain healthy skin.

To help detox and remove surface impurities, Luzern’s Micellar Cleansing Water grabs unwanted dirt and pollution and helps to cleanse them away before environmental influences damage skin. The Detox Masque helps to remove surface impurities and detoxify skin’s multi-layers while soothing, hydrating, and improving elasticity.

One of the key ingredients found in many La Defense Urban Protect products is lutein, a pigment able to help absorb blue light radiation to reduce skin damage and visible wrinkles and hyperpigmentation that can occur. The deep gold hue of marigolds can be seen in the rich color of this formula which comes through in the Urban Protect Day Lotion. This moisturizer helps to neutralize pollution and blue-light damage before pollutants settle into the skin, protecting skin from the dehydration that pollution causes.

The last step in any skincare regimen should be an SPF, even on cloudy days. Luzern offers a mineral SPF 30 sunscreen and BB Creams with SPF 20 protection (in warm and cool undertones) to shield skin from environmental aggressors, with Lutein guarding against blue light, while antioxidants and Bio-Suisse organic extracts fight free radicals that accelerate the signs of aging.