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Take a Chance on Radiance

Take a Chance on Radiance

Mornings look a bit different these days. Where you once had routine, you now have less structure. Where you probably devoted more time to prepping hair, make-up, and wardrobe, you’ve now settled into a home-based groove. There’s no denying that daily standards are loosening up quite a bit, but that’s okay! Getting more comfortable with the new normal means you can begin to uncover silver linings.

What if you embraced this social down-time and dipped your toe into something you haven’t dared before?

For example, if you are still dodging facial oils based on old myths, now is your moment to boldly leap into something new. Serum Absolut The Sublime Oil is the perfect place to start. We call it our gateway oil because it’s lightweight, feels luscious, and makes you look positively lit from within. Its simplicity and effectiveness will introduce you to the countless benefits of nourishing facial oils and leave you pining to try more. 

Luzern Serum Absolute The Sublime Oil

A primary virtue of facial oil is how it conquers dryness with lasting hydration. Just a drop or two of The Sublime Oil provides instant moisture that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making skin feel smooth and silky. Nourishing ingredients like Organic Jojoba Oil are quickly absorbed to restore missing lipids, strengthening the skin’s barrier while 100% plant-derived Squalene locks in moisture for a healthy-looking glow. Organic Rosehip Oil provides essential fatty acids that speed skin renewal and make dull, devitalized skin luminous again.

Worried your newfound facial glow will be shiny by noon? That’s the beauty of taking a leap of faith at home while in-person meetings and social gatherings have been temporarily sidelined. Without wondering if your office look is intact, discover the truth - facial oils actually restore balance.

The Sublime Oil hydrates and soothes inflammation during dry times and slows sebum production when the skin is naturally more oily, making it a great treatment for all skin types. In addition to balance, it delivers a powerful complex of antioxidants that helps prevent premature lines and wrinkles by working to neutralize the free radicals that cause damage to proteins and precious collagen.

Oil also makes a powerful companion to other products, so feel free to layer with total abandon. After cleansing, L’Essentials Hydrating Essence provides an extra boost of hydration and elasticity. Loaded with replenishing Bio-Suisse Extracts and Ceramides, a gentle splash of this weightless essence is perfect under oil. Layer on The Sublime Oil by pressing it gently into the skin, and it synergistically boosts all active ingredients and seals in moisture. 

Luzern L'Essentials Hydrating Toning Essence

For totally refreshed glowing skin, treat your lips, and the delicate skin around them to next-generation care with L’Essentials Lip Enhancing Treatment. Ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10, Lipo-amino Acids, and Vitamin C naturally plump the lips and boost moisture levels for smooth, supple skin. 

Luzern Lip Enhancing Treatment

It’s true, showing up for your day is a little bit different right now, so hydrate like nobody’s watching! Life may be unpredictable, but one thing is for sure - a nourishing facial oil will never disappoint. 

For a limited time, all orders will receive the following samples while supplies last:

  1. Deluxe Sample: The Sublime Oil
  2. Sample Packet: Lip Enhancing Treatment
  3. Sample Packet: Hydrating Essence

Now is the time, take a chance on something new and emerge your most sublime and radiant self.