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Say Good-Bye to Shine : Summer Solutions for Shiny Skin

Say Good-Bye to Shine : Summer Solutions for Shiny Skin

As we head full swing into summer, we can’t help but be excited about beach days, sunny skies, long weekends and poolside margaritas. Something we’re not looking forward to? One of summer’s most common beauty woes: shiny skin.

While it’s one thing to sparkle, it’s quite another to look like a reflector shield when summer’s mid-afternoon glow kicks in. Hot, humid weather can wreak havoc on skin prone to acne or an oily T-zone by increasing oil production from sebaceous glands, which deliver sebum to the surface of the skin. Even those of us with dry skin can sometimes struggle with excess shine in summer, thanks to increased humidity.

The good news? You don’t have to hide indoors with the AC on full blast. If you’re looking for a way to tamp down shine while holding on to that radiant glow, check out these summer solutions for shiny skin.

Mattifier to the Rescue

An oil-absorbing mattifier is your best defense. Worn on bare skin for a flawless matte finish or as a makeup primer, mattifiers optimize skin radiance while reducing shine by controlling oil production and minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. Bypass the blotting papers, which can smear your makeup, and apply a mattifier to your skin to absorb excess oil and create a shine-free yet glowing complexion.   

Sweaty summer skin needs a product that delivers all of the skin rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits of a moisturizer while targeting and controlling shine and sebum. Luzern's Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Mattifying Gel provides a mattifying effect right away, so that you don’t spend all day fighting oily or combination skin. Providing light hydration, this mattifying gel balances moisture, reduces the feel of surface oils and the appearance of pores, while discouraging acne-causing bacteria and breakouts.  

Healthy skin tip: While it’s natural to want to wash your face multiple times on hot, sticky summer days, over-cleansing can strip skin of moisture and cause the oil glands to work overtime. That can result in even more shine and breakouts. Gentle cleansing is key to maintaining a balanced complexion. Wash your face twice a day--morning and evening--with a gentle cleanser to keep skin fresh and glowing.

Bonus summer skin tip: Even when it’s hot and humid, your skin can have a healthy glow rather than a sweaty shine. The key is to use products that absorb excess sebum while delivering healthy hydration. Summer is also time to lighten up your moisturizer. Luzern’s Force De Vie moisturizers leave skin instantly recharged with a burst of moisture and radiance so skin looks remarkably smooth, dewy, and glowing.  

By Noelle Graf