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Esthetician Recommended Skin Care Tips

Esthetician Recommended Skin Care Tips

Ever wonder what skincare tips estheticians follow for themselves? Our seasoned educator and expert esthetician, Lana Tabak, shares her go-to tips for her skincare regime. Read below to find out Lana’s top tips to follow:

In order to have the healthiest skin, feed your skin from the inside with fruit, vegetables, and lots of water. Feed your skin from the outside, with products that are clean and have no chemicals or toxic ingredients.

Cleansing the skin is the foundation for good skin. It begins the nourishing, feeding, balancing and purifying of the skin. Always double cleanse, first remove the makeup and dirt with a quick cleanse before you do your deep cleanse. Do not use hot water as it is very drying and aging. Do not underestimate the benefits of a clean washcloth to cleanse and exfoliate. Another great exfoliant is baking soda added to your cleanser.

The mineral deposits in hard water can be very dehydrating. A good toner can infuse the skin with the minerals and trace elements it needs. Spray your skin often during the day, it is very hydrating.

Under eye bags, you should watch out for foods such as dairy, wheat, alcohol or salt that may be causing inflammation in the skin. Keep your eye cream in the refrigerator or use cold cucumber or a bag of frozen peas for their cooling and anti -inflammatory effects. Use your ring finger when applying eye cream as it uses the least amount of pressure. Apply eye cream to the upper lip area too!

Serums transform your skin the most. Look for cosmeceutical active ingredients like peptides, stem cells, hyaluronic acids. Keep in mind when “hero” ingredients are close to the preservatives in a product, that means that less than 5% of that whole bottle contains that ingredient…so it is not going to be too effective on your skin!

Use your oils. In Europe we fight oils with oil. They break down dirt and are nourishing healing, anti-aging and hydrating. Use water soluble and oil soluble serums to really boost hydration. A great tip I love is to mix a couple drops of my facial oil with my makeup or my mineral powder and brush that on your skin for a dewy and radiant complexion.

Masks are like a facial in a bottle. Use them a few times a week. Let the mask set and then go into the shower and let the steam of the shower work on your mask. Add honey to your masks, it is a natural humectant, healing and nourishing. Overnight masks allow you to wake up to radiant, rejuvenated and soft skin. Always use your masks on your neck, décolleté, and back of your hands (how often we see younger looking faces with older necks and hands.)

A.C.E your skin. At night use your Vitamin A Retinol or Glycolic acid and in the morning use your Vitamin C and E, to brighten your skin, plump up your collagen and antioxidant protection.

Use only a mineral or physical SPF. Remember it is the amount that you use, about a half a teaspoon for your face, neck and decollate. Do not rub your sunscreen in, press it into your skin.

Sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles. Often you can see which side a person sleeps !

Additionally, do check out EWG’s Guide to Healthy Living, it allows you to search skin care products and on a scale from 1-10 shows how clean the product is or how many cancer forming or toxic ingredients it has!