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Announcing the Luzern Planet, People & Peace Initiative

Luzern has always been what is now known as an ethical business. We follow Fair Trade practices and source ingredients sustainably. We keep our carbon footprint light, and our packaging is FSC-certified and recyclable. Our biodynamic and certified organic botanicals, hand-harvested high in the Swiss Alps, reflect our core values and belief that luxury skin care should be clean and deliver significant results.

Our products are made in small batches, to ensure quality and maintain the utmost purity, cold-processed with mineral-rich Alpine glacial water, and a unique natural enzyme preservation system. Most are vegetarian and gluten-free. We are a US-based, family-run company, still owned by original founders Jennifer Herbert-Coste and Ralph Herbert, a brother and sister team. Our goal has been to create clean cosmeceutical skincare made with the purest ingredients to help people look and feel beautiful, without doing any harm to the planet.

From the beginning, we have always been conscious of wanting to do the right thing, in the right way.

But this year, we want to do more. And we have some pretty big news to share!

Luzern is excited to announce that we are launching The Planet, People and Peace Initiative, a social impact platform dedicated to giving back three percent of our profits to advance causes that we care about. We have created three new verticals for giving. The Planet, People and Peace Initiative will be donating one percent to each: 1% to Planet, 1% to People, 1% to Peace. The three categories will remain the same, but each quarter, the recipients may change.

“We have always given back,” says co-founder Jennifer Herbert-Coste, “but this new initiative is a more structured and holistic approach for Luzern. The Planet, People & Peace Initiative is really an extension of our brand mission, which is to have a positive impact on the world through health and beauty,” she continues. “As we have worked to transform the skincare industry by using clean ingredients, non-polluting agriculture, and sustainable packaging, our charitable initiative is an effort to do that on a larger scale.”

Quotation Mark

“We decided to focus on giving to these three pillars--Planet, People & Peace--because they are each vital areas of need and they are all interconnected in some way. For example, the destructive cycle of war (or lack of peace) creates immense suffering and can lead to famine and environmental destruction, and environmental changes on Earth can lead to war and famine. By giving to all three areas, we can contribute in a more impactful, holistic and balanced way.”

Jennifer Herbert-Coste

We are pleased to announce the initial recipients of

The Luzern Planet, People & Peace Initiative will be:


Friends of the Earth

is a global nonprofit that works to protect the environment for people and wildlife, and partners with elected officials to advocate for reforms that limit pesticide use, block offshore drilling off the California coast, and campaign to pull bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides from retailers’ shelves around the country.

Friends of the Earth


Habitat for Humanity

is a global nonprofit housing organization that works in local communities across all 50 states and in approximately 70 countries to help people secure decent, affordable housing. In 2017, Habitat directly helped 3.5 million people achieve this goal.

Habitat for Humanity


The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

is a Quaker organization, founded in 1917 to promote lasting peace with justice. The AFSC works with communities in the U.S. and around the world to foster diversity, inclusion, and equality.

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
A mountain range behind some flowers. A lake within a mountian range. Some lavender flowers.
Co-founder Jennifer Herbert-Coste


Jennifer Herbert-Coste
and Ralph Herbert

Co-founder Ralph Herbert



Our background as children was rooted in clean living and alternative medicine.  I can remember our father, a professor of environmental science, having shelves and shelves of herbs and supplements in his office, and our being aware of all their healing attributes.

Ralph and I spent many of our formative years between North America, Europe and Australia.  The one thing that was a constant, wherever we lived, was a focus on wellness and a healthy lifestyle.  Wherever we found ourselves in the world, our father planted an organic vegetable garden, prepared healthy and clean foods, and looked to natural medicine for healing first.

We learned a lot from our father, but, maybe most importantly, we learned to respect the environment and the benefits of aligning ourselves with nature as much as possible.  Our early lessons of respect for the environment helped guide and inspire us when we started Luzern.  We felt from the start of the company that to properly use the beautiful Swiss actives we had found, we would need to omit ingredients that would be toxic or harmful in any way.  We were also very concerned about the negative impact of packaging in the skin care and beauty industry.

We use sustainable glass and recyclable aluminum in the great majority of our products, and this year we are very excited to introduce our new cleanser tubes made from 100 percent biodegradable sugarcane.

When Ralph and I graduated from university and we decided we wanted to start a company together, we noticed that natural skincare tended not to be luxurious or results-driven, and luxury and results-driven skincare tended to be full of toxic and synthetic ingredients.  We felt we could create something better.

Quotation Mark

“One of our primary goals is to constantly think about how we can build a company that is kind to the Earth. We always say, “We want our company to be around in 100 years, not our packaging.”

Jennifer Herbert-Coste

Pure ingredients. Powerful results.

Resilient botanicals that survive, even thrive, in one of the harshest climates on Earth. Imagine what they can do for the skin.