Welcome to Luzern Labs. Here you'll discover an unparalleled line of Skin Care formulated with Bio-Suisse organic anti-aging extracts. The kind that restore the health and beauty of the skin with uncompromisingly pure, yet remarkably powerful formulations. These rare Bio-Swiss organics, anti-aging cosmeceuticals and mineral rich glacial waters are blended in small, low temperature batches, providing the ideal building blocks to bring skin back to it's natural state of radiance, and youthful vitality.    Learn More >

Bio-Suisse Organic Extracts.
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Is Your Skin Care Aging Your Skin?
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"The ingredients, cultivated in the Alps, are rich in anti-oxidants, and free from chemicals"

"It's so gentle and contains no parabens or fragrance."

"Luzern's Purifying Cleansers and Toners are Emma Watson's favorites for her daily skincare regimen."

"Great results, free of toxic parabens, formaldehyde-based preservatives and impurities."

"Luzern facials give results that last ... fine lines disappear. The skin glows. My clients are thrilled" Spa Director, Four Season Hotel NYC

"The Force de Vie is my favorite product for hydrating and luxury" Bonnie Kyle, Spa Director, Peninsula Hotel, Bevery Hills CA