What Makes Us Different

AlpPure™ blends are our proprietary blends of actives that merge the skin restorative powers of BioSuisse and cosmeceutical-grade actives.

BioSuisse Actives; The “Gold Standard” of Alpine extracts
Certified BioSuisse ingredients are tested and proven to deliver significantly higher activity and greater anti-oxidant power than other actives, for rapidly transformative results every time. BioSuisse actives are the highest grade in the world—the purest, most powerful possible due to their ability to thrive in extreme conditions. These remarkably resilient high altitude plants withstand wide temperature variations, severe UV exposure and inconsistent rainfall, thereby developing strong resistance capacities and producing highly protective qualities perfect for use in our skin care.

The Standardization Process
Our partner Suisse laboratory follows strict standardization processes and offers ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE certifications to guarantee consistent and reliable raw material supply for Luzern products. Full traceability from seed to bio-active, standardized high altitude cultivation, optimally timed harvesting and extraction from the most potent parts of the plant delivers high performing organic bio-actives.

Cold Temperature and Glacial Water Processing
Luzern formulas are made in small batches using cold processing methods and processed naturally with mineral rich glacial water. This delicate process ensures that vital ingredients are always kept fresh, potent, and pure.

Free of Irritating, Skin-Aging Additives
Not only is it important to avoid toxins for the overall health of the body, it is essential for getting the most out of an anti-aging product. This is because irritation and inflammation are major causes of pre-mature aging of the skin. Chemical additives can cause dryness, irritation and discoloration and ultimately defeat the purpose of anti-aging skin care.

Beauty Within is Beauty Without
Luzern products are free of the most common additives found in skin care, we call these the “Toxic 12”.

Parabens, Peroxide, DEA, MEA, Dioxin, Synthetic Color, Synthetic Fragrance, Dent. Alcohol, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol/Butylene, Sulfates, Sunscreen Chemicals, Triclosan.