Our Story

Founded in 1996, Luzern Laboratories was born of our belief that it is possible to create effective, clean skin care that combines high efficacy ingredients without the use of toxic skin-aging irritants and additives.

Growing up, Ralph and Jen were introduced to the beauty and power of the natural world and were taught the importance of a chemical free perspective by their environmentalist father. As a free-thinker and world traveler he taught them to question the status quo and find unconventional solutions to problems.

Our quest to develop a safe product line that delivered uncompromising performance was not without challenges. We had to forge a new category of skincare that would bridge the gap between “phyto and pharma” and clean up the preservatives and additives that cosmeceuticals left behind. When dozens of skin care laboratories told us that our vision was impossible because formulating with clean preservative systems and concentrated actives were too difficult and too expensive, we didn’t settle.

After traveling to several countries and visiting many world renowned laboratories, we finally found our source in Switzerland, a country known for its majestic natural resources, clean air, precision and quality. In the pristine Valais region, we discovered a boutique lab that cultivates high-elevation plants in the Swiss Alps acclaimed for their high anti-oxidant powers and protective properties. These precious BioSuisse ingredients are not only pure and highly active, they also undergo a stringent standardization processes to ensure reliable, effective, powerful results every time.

Over the years, Luzern Laboratories has become renowned for its superlative spa regimens. Today, it is the skincare of choice for top spas, plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide. Our team of experts is dedicated to advancing the state of skincare and enhancing the innate beauty and health of the skin.