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What does cosmeceutical mean?

Cosmeceutical ingredients are highly active ingredients used at concentrated levels to get results. In recent years there have been a multitude of highly effective, non-toxic cosmeceutical ingredients available that have been studied and found to deliver excellent anti-aging benefits. Some of the most common cosmeceutical ingredients we use are: vitamins, phyto-chemicals, peptides, antioxidants and polyphenols.


What makes Luzern skincare different from other skincare lines?

Luzern Professional and take-home treatments are unique because they successfully combine cosmeceutical-level active ingredients with the highest quality certified organic ingredients, in pure, safe and clean formulas. Additionally, Luzern products are not typical of other natural lines, as we do not rely on oils and alcohols as preservatives or use irritating and heavy botanical fragrances. The Luzern line is the ideal choice for people who want luxurious and pure skin care but do not want to sacrifice results.


Why does the Luzern line have so few products and seem so simple compared to other lines?

This is a simple case of quality over quantity. Too often it is a matter of optimizing profits rather than optimizing results. Formulation is key in this respect. Luzern products are ideal for clients who are ingredient savvy and do not want to complicate their daily routine with too many products to get the results that they can get in a few properly formulated ones.


Our Products

How are Luzern products different from OTC (over the counter) drugstore and department store skin care lines?

OTC skin care formulations generally use inexpensive ingredients and low percentages of active ingredients. The majority of large skin care companies spend far more on marketing than on ingredients. Companies put ingredients on the label so the customer sees them but the percentages are often too low to get any benefits. This is commonly known as  “label claim.”


Why can I expect to get better results from Luzern products?

There are three key factors in making cosmeceutical formulations effective: proper cleansing and exfoliating of the skin, feeding and stimulating the skin cells with active ingredients, and the correction of standing skin conditions. In addition, the skin should be protected from any further damage from products and the environment. If these three areas are addressed with high quality products the skin will be clear, balanced and glowing with good health.


Why are Luzern products priced higher than many other lines?

Luzern spares no expense in formulating with the world’s finest ingredients, including Bio-Suisse Organics and cutting-edge cosmeceuticals. We use unique, natural preservative systems, produce products in small batches and do not rely on alcohol and oils, which can irritate the skin to preserve ingredients. These systems of preserving ingredients are far more expensive to formulate with. In addition, we never skimp on percentages of active ingredients, no matter how expensive or rare. Our customers may spend a little more, but once they experience the “Luzern difference”, they are loyal for life.


Where are Luzern products made?

Luzern products are sourced with the finest ingredients of earth, from our cutting edge cosmeceuticals to our Bio-Suisse ingredients from the Valais region of the Alps. We import our ingredients from around the world and then blend and bottle them right here in the United States.


Why is Luzern Serum Absolut kept separate from the main Daily Essentials?

Luzern’s Serum Absolut is the best way to deliver active ingredients to the skin. Because serums are formulated to be highly concentrated and are made with very specific active ingredients, they are ultra targeted and effective. They are extremely cost effective because there is no need to change your entire skin care regimen every time your skin changes. Simple and effective changes can be made by adding or removing serums, daily, monthly or seasonally.


What if I am not happy with any Luzern product?

We want our customers to be happy with their skin care, and we know one size never fits all. Our products are returnable with no questions asked within 30 days of purchase. Just email or call us and we will be happy to give you instructions on returns.


Luzern Ingredients

Why do we use Bio-Suisse Certified Alpine Ingredients in Luzern products rather than standard herbal extracts?

Simply put, because they work better. Bio-Suisse Certified Extracts are the “gold standard”. Pristine, yet harsh Alpine growing conditions cause these extracts to yield higher levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, both essential in effective anti-aging skincare.

What is pure processing?

This is one of the most important considerations when choosing Luzern. While organic ingredients are more effective, more pure, better for your skin and better for the environment, and while cosmeceutical level actives are essential for getting better results, there is another vital consideration when making skin care choices. The avoidance of toxic irritants (such as formaldehydes, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, synthetic preservatives, alcohols, petrochemicals, parabens, propylene glycols and sodium laurel sulfates) is absolutely essential when choosing a skincare line. The above list represents ingredients that you do not need and that can prematurely age the skin and harm the body. Luzern’s pure processing is a unique way of formulating that does not utilize any of these unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. In addition, Pure Processing indicates the mixing of product in smaller batches to ensure ingredient efficacy, and cold processing, which means your skin care products are not “heated to oblivion” thereby killing the most active and effective ingredients.


What are the main cosmeceutical ingredients used in Luzern products?

Luzern products are loaded with effective cosmeceutical ingredients. We spare no expense in getting the best bioactive forms to ensure proper absorption and effectiveness, and we always use high enough percentages to get results.

How are Bio-Suisse Certified ingredients different than other organic ingredients?

Over the millennia, Swiss alpine plants, found at the highest possible altitudes, have been subjected to strong temperature fluctuations and high UV radiation. To survive and prosper in extreme weather conditions, species need to develop uniquely efficient protective factors. Plants grown at higher altitudes contain higher concentrations of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the basis of effective anti-aging skin care because they help to naturally preserve and protect the skin. Because of this unique Alpine “protective factor,” Swiss extracts are the “gold standard” in organic botanical extracts. This “protective factor” has been harnessed by Luzern to develop products that protect the skin from the negative impact of the urban environment. For example, our “City Stress Complex” is an active plant-derived complex rich in natural phenylethanoids, flavonoids and Swiss mountain water, developed to protect the skin against toxic free radicals like ozone (the most damaging oxidant) produced photo-chemically in smog and pollution, which causes premature aging of the skin.


How do chemical colors, fragrances and preservatives interfere with the health of my skin?

At Luzern we believe skincare should be entirely free from skin-and-health-damaging chemical preservatives and additives. Because topical ingredients are absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream, “clean” skin care is absolutely vital. For instance, several highly respected published reports have emerged implicating parabens as potential carcinogens in breast cancer, uterine cancer, and most recently, skin cancer. Since parabens are found in 99% of products used on the skin, this is a serious issue in the skincare industry. Luzern does not stop there. We have eliminated the most common toxins from our products including, but not limited to, the “Toxic 12”. Common side effects of these toxins include skin irritation, clogged pores, dermatitis and other allergic skin reactions. These are not only unsightly and uncomfortable but can lead to the breakdown of delicate collagen and the premature aging of the skin. The elimination of so many toxic and irritating ingredients is basically unheard of in the industry and no other company has achieved the Luzern level of purity while maintaining a luxury product esthetic.


What alternative natural preservatives does Luzern use?

99% of skin care is laced with a myriad of toxins to preserve ingredients. These preservatives are easy to use and cheap, and thus quite difficult to remove from standard formulating practices.  We fought hard to develop safer alternative systems that provide a full spectrum of protection from bacteria and microbes. Additionally, we wanted preservative systems that did not rely on oil and denatured alcohols that are commonly used in natural brands but can be very heavy and irritating to sensitive skin.

Are the alternatives to standard preservatives safe and effective?

Yes. They are in fact safer than using standard preservatives, as they are less likely to cause irritation and allergic reaction. They are also harmless to the health of the body, unlike many preservatives such as parabens and formaldehyde releasers that have been linked to cancer and other negative health effects.


I have used “natural” products in the past and found that they are not very effective. How is Luzern different?

Luzern is totally different. We are first and foremost a cosmeceutical company. We formulate products that get results and we have a long history with the industry’s most visionary skin care practitioners and spas. We think there is “false choice” in skin care that says you cannot have highly effective, luxurious and clean. This is not true, you DO NOT have to choose between safety, luxury and results.


I have used "natural" products in the past and found them to be heavy in oils, alcohols and fragrance. How is Luzern different?

Because Luzern’s roots are in spas, medi-spas and dermatologists’ offices, we have always been very cautious about the use of fragrances, alcohols and oils. Many of our clients start using our products after clinical treatments and cannot tolerate any irritating ingredients. Many people have experienced “natural” products as oily, irritating and with a strong smell. This is because typical natural preservative systems require oil and denatured alcohol to maintain their ingredients. These are certainly safer than synthetic preservatives but not esthetically appealing or very gentle. Together with one of the world’s top research labs, Luzern has found an effective, oil and alcohol free, alternative preservative system, which gives our products a light, beautiful feel and smell.


Why aren’t Luzern products certified organic?

Luzern is first and foremost a cosmeceutical company. Our motto is “uncompromising purity, powerful results.” If we were to become certified organic we would need to omit safe and very effective anti-aging ingredients. Many of our most effective ingredients come from actives such as peptides, vitamins, Oxygen, Co-Q10 and Alpha-Lipoic Acids that cannot be certified organic.


Why do some Luzern products contain cyclomethenol?

Cyclomethicone is a silicone that imparts a wonderfully smooth, silky feel on the skin. It is a good substitute for ingredients such as mineral oil and petrolatum as it will not clog pores or leave a heavy film on the skin. It is completely safe and non toxic and it stays on the surface of the skin – the molecules are too big to physically enter past the upper living cells.


Why does Luzern’s Cleanser contain Cetearyl Alcohol? Isn’t alcohol an irritant?

The term “alcohol” refers to the chemical structure of the ingredient and does not necessarily mean that it is bad for the skin. Most alcohols, such as ethanol, ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol and isopropyl alcohol can be irritating and harmful to the skin.  We take great care not to use these damaging ingredients in any of our formulations.  The only alcohols we use in our products (cleansers and toners) are known as fatty alcohols. These can actually be beneficial to the skin. Cetearyl alcohol is derived from natural fats and works beautifully to help remove oil and residue from the skin, leaving it soft and supple.


Why do Luzern products contain oxygen? Don’t we get enough in the air we breathe?

For the skin to function properly, it must have an adequate supply of oxygen. As we age, the oxygen levels in our skin decline. Studies have shown that even at the age of 35 facial skin can have as little as 50% of the oxygen than that of a healthy child or teenager. This decrease of oxygen can result in lack of collagen synthesis (pre-mature aging), impaired cell renewal (dull, rough skin), and hyper pigmentation (age spots). Oxygen is a catalyst and energy source for most cellular functions, including collagen production and cellular detoxification.

•                Oxygen is vital for all cells to sustain proper metabolism.

•                Oxygen is important in helping to maintain healthy tissues.

•                Oxygen is important as a fuel source for and producing new tissues.

•                Oxygen has a significant role in wound healing, being essential to provide the additional energy source for the repair process.


Which extracts are unique to the Alpine environment?

We use a great array of Alpine Bio-Suisse Certified Extracts. Here are a few of our favorites.

Use And Care

Should I use cosmeceutical grade products if my skin is young?

As a rule, individuals who take good care of their skin using the right cleansers, toners and active cosmeceutical ingredients (such as Vitamin, Peptides, Oxygen etc.) will build up a reserve of these important ingredients in the dermis that kick in as we age and as they naturally diminish. This will give the skin the best possible environment for aging beautifully. Think of it like the difference between eating a diet of junk food and healthy food.


Are Luzern products good for sensitive skin?

We are often told that our products are the only products a client can use without irritation. Sensitive skin is our specialty. Because we know that irritation can cause premature aging of the skin, we are very careful to use non-irritating ingredients in our products. Anti-aging ingredients, both natural and synthetic, can be irritating to your skin and ironically many anti-aging products have the potential to age the skin. We often find that our clients think they have sensitive skin when in fact they have been using products that are stripping and damaging the natural balance of the skin. Over time, you will see the skin become less sensitive, healthier and more beautiful.


Can I use Luzern after an exfoliating treatment, such as microdermabrasion or laser?

Most Luzern devotees are introduced to the brand in a professional setting. The line gives you everything you need to “feed the skin” with professional-grade active ingredients, to build fresh collagen and protect it from environmental damage. It is an excellent choice after gentle exfoliating treatments and non-ablative laser.


Can I use Luzern products with prescription skin care such as retinols?

Yes. You can use Luzern products safely with Retin-A products. Because Luzern products are so gentle, hydrating and soothing they are an ideal companion. Please consult your physician.


Can I use more than one Serum Absolut at a time?

Yes. That is the beauty of the Serum Absolut line. It is completely customizable depending on daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal changes in your skin. Many people collect the whole series of serums for their medicine cabinet. Just adding a few drops of Serum Absolut transforms your normal skin care routine and can successfully target any condition as your skin changes.


How long will products last once they are opened?

Luzern products have a shelf life of 2 years, except for our V12 Serum Absolut which should be used within 1 year of opening and excluding our mineral sunscreen and BB Creams, which have an expiration date listed on their packaging indicating when they’re no longer effective.


How environmentally sustainable are Luzern products?

We take pride in being an environmentally sustainable company. At Luzern we use Eccocert (European Community Certified) and Bio Suisse Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible. We support sustainable organic and bio-dynamic agriculture. Our products do not contain environmentally-damaging chemical compounds such as parabens, petrochemicals and formaldehydes. Our packaging is recyclable and low impact and our printing is done in soy ink. We want our company to be around in 100 years, not our packaging.


Is it true that my anti-aging products could actually contribute to the aging of my skin?

We cannot stress this enough: irritation and inflammation are bad for skin. Irritating ingredients and chemicals can be the skin’s worst enemy. Daily assaults such as excessive unprotected sun exposure, environmental toxins and the use of skincare products that contain toxic and irritating ingredients generate an “irritant response”. Day after day, this irritant response can be detrimental to the skin. The skin’s repair process becomes faulty, collagen breaks down, and the skin’s surface is weakened. Even though you can’t see it, irritation can be taking place beneath the skin’s surface and may cause long-term damage. Sometimes irritation shows up as sensitive skin, oily or dry skin, or even acne and rosacea, but sometimes there is no sign even though damage may be taking place. One of the reasons Luzern products get such good results is that there is a reduction in irritation with its daily use. That reduction in irritation leads to a much clearer and more beautiful complexion much like a healthy diet leads to a more healthy and beautiful body.