Luzern's Best Cleanser Yet

We love reviews, (so much in fact, that we have a random drawing each month and send a lucky reviewer a full size Luzern product of their choice) but our friends at Ayla just wrote one of our all time favorite reviews on our NUIT Hydra Cleansing Emulsion:

We should start by saying that you may curse us for introducing you to Luzern’s Nuit Hydra Cleansing Emulsion.

Certainly, you might be a little annoyed when you see the price tag. “For a cleanser? Never heard of such a thing."

But this is no ordinary cleanser. No: it’s a deeply pampering, luxuriously substantial jar of naturally vanilla-almond-scented, moisturizing balm-to-milk goodness that coaxes you to turn your evening cleanse into a facial massage. It dissolves blackheads and the most stubborn makeup and sunscreen. It leaves skin impossibly fresh and dewy-looking after you sweep it off with a hot towel: clean, comfortable, with just the right amount of nourishing oil that can also be easily swept off with your toner. And it is so good that everyone on our team who has tried it has become completely smitten with it. (This is another one of those products whose tester Dara ran off with after panicking when she got to the bottom of her sample jar. Always a sign of a star.)

So here’s our prediction: you’ll try it, perhaps in a travel size mini. You will become similarly besotted. You’ll curse us for it. And then you’ll love us again, we hope — because you know we’d never sell a $135 cleanser unless it was really, truly worth it.

Also, it lasts forever and comes with its own fancy spatula and cleansing mitt. That helps, right?

Thank you for the amazing review Ayla !

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