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Quite possibly the brand discovery of 2018 for me.

If you’re looking to switch to natural beauty products without compromising the results of cosmeceuticals this is the brand to start with. Its luxurious and a clean cosmeceutical brand that has left me with wonderful results and wanting for more. Their use of low-impact, eco-friendly glass and aluminum bottles, company headquarters powered by renewable energy, environmental sustainability and a green philosophy are guiding principles in the development of all Luzern products. Earlier I called it ‘clean cosmeceutical’ is simply because:

BioSuisse organic actives – Bio-Suisse actives are standardized in Switzerland and are derived from organically grown plants living in extremely harsh conditions at high altitudes in the Valais region of the Alps. The result is a high potency of actives that are more effective than comparable ingredients grown and harvested at lower altitudes.

Free of Toxic 12 ingredients – Parabens, Phthalates, Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfates, Propylene Glycol/PEGs, TEA/DEA/MEA, Mineral Oils/ Petrolatum/ Denatured Alcohol, Synthetic Colors, Dyes, and Fragrances, Formaldehyde/Formaldehyde Releasing Ingredients, Triclosan, Hydroquinone, Chemical Sunscreens

Standardized Cosmeceutical Actives – Ingredients are chosen for their ability to safely and effectively transform the condition of skin. Common cosmeceuticals found in Luzern products include Peptides, Plant Stem Cells, BiodyneTRF, Antioxidants, AHA, Retinoic Acid, Co-Q10, Hyaluronic Acid.

Clean Cold Processing – Mixed in small batches at low temperatures. This process minimizes damage to vital active ingredients and keeps them fresh, potent and pure. Actives are sourced from Switzerland and manufactured in the USA.

Swiss Water Processed Actives – Active ingredients are processed naturally using mineral rich glacial waters. These therapeutic waters keep ingredients energized and ensure purity from chemical residues.

Also Luzern does not engage in animal testing. They employ an independent company that uses only in vivo and vitro tests, never animal testing, to ensure safety and efficacy. Now that you know about brand, lets unravel the products and my experiences:

Serum Absolut Clarify is an oil-free, lightweight formula that claims to minimize visible pore size and actively reduce the feel and appearance of oil, helping to keep excess sebum in check.

This serum would be for someone dealing with adult acne with an oily, combination, acne-prone skin.

The formulation for this product includes plant-derived Salicylic acid, Willow Herb Extract, Organics Alpine Willow Herb (highest high level of Oenethin B – huge contributor to less sebum production), Niacinamide and Probiotics.

While the formulation appears fairly simple, certain strong active ingredients certainly perform. Upon dispensing the product, it certainly has Aloe Vera Juice like consistency, which for an irritated congested skin would be an instant soothe. The scent is almost strong willow herb with plasticky-ness. Unsure how to describe the scent, but its not offensive at all, but certainly not aromatherapy-esque calming floral….Absorbs nicely in the skin, and over time I noticed the skin appeared healthy and balanced. Did it reduce any congestion, possibly yes, it helped balance the oils in skin. I liked using this as a spot treatment too as it reduced the redness of spot overnight. The only downside of the aluminum packaging is I have no idea when it is close to the finish line.

L'Essentials Au Vin Exfoliating Treatment is a pre-soaked acid pad that claims to support natural cell turnover. Basically what you’ve come to expect from an acid based exfoliation pad. Dual acid formula with 10% Lactic and 1% Salicylic acid makes for an excellent duo for wonderful results. Also has proprietary AlpPure™ Alpine White extracts where the Swiss extracts combined with Vitamin C work together to reduce discoloration and brighten skin (main active ingredients are Flavonoids, Phenolic Acids, Polysaccharides, and Iridoids).

This product is certainly one of my fave products, because it has instant overnight results. My skin following morning visibly appears brighter, smoother, even toned, and over time it has also helped with texture. If you want to start with one product from this brand, it would be this in my opinion. If I had to nit pick, I would say I would prefer smoother texture pads on my face. But for the results I get, I let the pad texture slide. Let me clarify it doesn’t feel like sandpaper at all, I just prefer something softer pillowy and smoother.

Force De Vie Crème Nuit is the star of this show. This nighttime treatment has simply been one stop shop and skin consistently appeared healthy and full of vitality. They have combined active retinol, peptides, a lipid barrier repair complex which truly renews the skin. Has some serious claims:

Boost cellular oxygen uptake to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis and promote microcirculation to enhance skin luminosity
Refines skin texture
Reduces the appearance of lines and skin discolorations
Skin is instantly smoother, firmer
Energizes the skin for improved function and brightness

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!!! It does perform exactly as it claims. Tiniest dollop of this rich buttery crème goes a long way and leaves a velvety finish on the skin. Feels significant enough to protect the skin and yet repair the skin. Used standalone with an acid exfoliator or serum and it still performs. I’ve been lazier than that, just cleansed and applied this crème and yes it still performs. The formulation, composition of ingredients is definitely standing true. This crème would be ideal for normal and dry skin types. If you care, it’s Not a Vegan formulation (contain Honey, Milk lipids). The formulation is multi faceted and hits many skin concerns through Retinol, Peptides, Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides, AlpPure™ Alpine White (main active ingredients are Flavonoids, Phenolic Acids, Polysaccharides, and Iridoids). If skin investment is your aim, this is the product you need to seek.

Nuit  Hydra-Enzyme Masque is yet another one stop shop, an exfoliating sleeping mask. Similar to Force De Vie Crème Nuit but I’d say possibly for a more diverse set of skin types. It’s definitely not as rich as Force de Vie but it certainly packs a punch. In saying so, I like to alternate between this and Force de Vie. On nights I don’t use an acid exfoliator this bad boy comes in play as the formulation consists of Pumpkin enzyme. For many skins, Pumpkin enzyme can be aggressive and harsh, however in this formulation they have balanced with olive derived Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid and Sweet Almond Oil, which hydrates and protects the skin. For brightening oomph they have Vitamin C and Licorice extract which leaves skin with visible brightening effects next morning. Yet again this product does stand true to its claims. The texture is like thick cream but melts in skin and leaves the surface smooth and soft. It smells like subtle lemons to me, but I could be completely wrong with my stuffy sinus issues. If you don’t use acid exfoliators and want to start gentle with minimal skincare routine steps, consider this product.

With a strong emerging ‘Tech Neck’ situation, I knew I had to start some where with a Neck Cream. Here comes, Retinol Neck & Décolleté Nuit a night time treatment specifically for the delicate neck and décolleté area. Formulated with some heavy hitters such as Retinol, Polyose, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Swiss Alpine extracts. Almost sounds similar to Force de Vie Crème Nuit, but the formulation is adjusted to thinner neck skin.

Honestly for me, incorporating a separate product for neck was harder. Seemingly it appears simple, but one additional step seemed like a huge leap. In saying so, this buttery rich cream, with the tiniest dollop all over neck and décolleté did seem to improve appearance of skin. But, and here is the huge But, the tech neck lines persist. This is not because the creme didn’t do its job, its because my neck still hangs over staring at my phone or iPad or laptop all day! Until I don’t reduce that and incorporate some neck exercises and massage I don’t think those lines will ever fade. A well formulated product can only go that far. As an example, just because I’m on 1000 calorie diet doesn’t mean I will shed away. In order to tone the body and muscle I still need to exercise. Similar principle here, so all in all, if you have other aspects sorted out you can certainly invest in this product but like myself don’t expect an overnight miracle with the tech neck when lifestyle ain’t in check.

All in all, this is a stellar brand with visible results. Skin enthusiasts will certainly get a kick out of these product formulations. But the formulation and performance is so effortless, I can see it appealing to a much larger market. Also with their range of products and selections, I believe there is something for everyone in their product line up.

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