About Us

Our Story

Our story started long before our first product was ever sold. Growing up, Jen and Ralph, our founders, were greatly influenced by their father – a professor, a naturalist, a world traveler, and a free-thinker. He was fascinated with clean, organic eating and with the alchemy of earthly things. As a result, they were introduced to a chemical-free, holistic way of living at an early age. More importantly, they learned to question the status quo and find unconventional remedies, as well as people and earth friendly solutions to everyday challenges. This perspective became an invaluable asset, and focus, in their quest to develop a safe skincare brand that was pure, yet highly effective. When dozens of skincare laboratories said this vision was impossible, because formulating with clean preservative systems and concentrated actives were too difficult and too expensive, they refused to settle.

Even today, 20 years later, our mission to transform the world of beauty for the better remains. In an often confusing and over-processed industry, we deliver results, without toxins and additives. As a result, we have become the luxury skincare of choice for renowned spas, celebrities, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists worldwide and continue to forge the path for clean beauty innovations.

What We Do

Results-driven skincare. Sourced in Switzerland. Clean | Cold formulated™ in the USA.

Our philosophy is simple – we believe that skincare does not have to be 100% natural or organic to be 100% clean and effective. Luzern delivers uncompromising product performance with proprietary AlpPure™ blends of standardized BioSuisse extracts and cosmeceutical-grade ingredients that are processed using clean, cold processing methods free of toxic additives and irritants. Whether it’s our gentle cleansers, nutrient-rich moisturizers and masks, or any of our Serum Absolut serums, every product is meticulously crafted to provide the cleanest, purest skincare possible – while still delivering on our promise to provide transformative results.