Transforming the world of beauty for the better.

Cultivated at the highest elevations in the Swiss Alps, Luzern sources the world’s most effective organic actives and transforms them into ultra-pure, high-performance skincare.  Clean | Cold™ formulating protects the integrity of precious ingredients and allows freedom from the use of additives, irritants and toxins. Luzern delivers better, purer, more powerful skincare, for healthier and more beautiful skin.



For almost 20 years Luzern has been transforming the world of beauty for the better. In 1999 we launched our first three products in spa. The launch was small but it reflected Luzern’s core values and the belief that quality, innovation, and integrity would be at the heart of our brand and that luxury skin care could deliver both significant purity and significant results.

From the beginning we have been driven to develop products that make people feel beautiful, and that don’t harm them, or the earth. We are truly grateful for the years of dedication and support from our spa partners and loyal brand followers. They have been our greatest inspiration in our quest to develop the worlds purest, safest and most luxurious skin care.

We thank you for choosing Luzern and we look forward to welcoming you to a better world of beauty.

With our warmest regards,

Our standards are pure.

Whether it’s our gentle cleansers, nutrient-rich moisturizers and masks, or any of our 9 Serum Absolut serums, every product is meticulously crafted to provide the cleanest, purest skincare possible—while still delivering on our promise to provide results. Our signature icons, which highlight our commitment to luxuriously pure, effective skincare, can be found on every Luzern package.

We pride ourselves as much on respect for ecological values as producing results-driven products.

From our use of low-impact, eco-friendly glass and aluminum bottles to our company headquarters powered by renewable energy, environmental sustainability and a green philosophy are guiding principles in the development of all Luzern products.

To ensure these values are incorporated into every aspect of our skin care, Luzern sources ingredients and packaging materials certified for their respect of people and our planet.

We believe that high-performance, quality, and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive, but work synergisticlly to create the finest skincare in the world.

Look for our sustainable icon on every Luzern package.